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(I’ll never be your) Gender Offender

Intro..and as i’ve had two outta the three already, I was sure as hell was not gonna pass up on the opportunity of having the third now was I bit into my bacon sandwich” .... instant disciplinary ..Good job I’m a vegan now i guess.. so it’s all Vodka, Vegetables and Vaginas all the way...

(1st verse)
Well you can’t say this
And you can’t do that,
A little hit and miss
A little tit for tat...

Stop taking offence at everything I say

(2nd verse)
My wit is lost
When their so up tight
So a quick repost
Whets my appetite

Don’t  sit on the fence why don’t you come out and play

(Bridge )
Aiming high
But they steep so low
Their moral compass is only for show
They’ll  suck you dry
Try stem the flow
Of my innocent  innuendo


Stop bothering me i wanna be free
From your PC agenda
Don’t put your tag on me
i’ll never be your Gender Offender....

No apologies
Can you see my wood
From all those trees ...

Stop taking offence at everything i say
Don’t sit on the fence why don’t you come out and play


(Then ad-lib to solo)

Im so cool with your identity, and fluidity and fully embracing all diversity but the last time i checked this was also a democracy so you also gotta respect my right to be me..


It’s a mad world
Gone crazy
You just can’t say nothing to nobody  no more ....



#...I’ll never be

your Gender offender ( crowd b vox)  ad lib lead vocal over the top.

You can’t say this can’t say that
They spend their days policing your chat
They got no lives its all in their minds
Gotta break the chains of the tie that binds

I wanna evoke my constitutional
Right to be offended by you being offended

Hey Howard get your fucking courgettes outta my cucumber patch.....


Music D&Z Barlow
Words M Fielder