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“ Oh yeah it’s gonna be a hot one tonight for sure...

Wipe the sweat from off your brow  
Feel your heart beat faster now
Seeds of doubt that fill in your head
walk where angels  fear to tread
Feel the tension rise and fall
get your final curtain call
The bells of doom have one last chime
Can’t stop now    ... showtime!!

(1st verse)

Well let me tell you how it goes
You spite ya face to cut your nose
Yet no one knows just how it feels inside...
Every night ya sell your soul
All  for the love of Rock n Roll
 But no-one sheds a tear when you have died


Halfway to hell on our own
(destination still unknown)
A raised decibel level zone
 (Now our cover’s  truly blown)

We’ve done our time, we’ve paid our dues
We ‘ve walked the line. We’ve sung the blues
We’ve had a drink or two ......of Inspiration
We’ve had it hard ,We’ve had it good
We’ve let it roll just like it should
Now it’s our time .......for Vindication!

(2nd Verse)
Before the storm, We own the calm
We take the shot into each arm
Adrenalin is fueling everyone around
For every high, we ride the low
Still Kickin ass at every show
But always  keeping both feet on the ground


Chorus - solo -chorus

Vindication (x4)

Lyrics MFielder
Music D&Z Barlow